About Us

While my father was working for an Adults Care Management Team, he became increasingly frustrated by the lack of available information regarding suitable ‘Out of County’ placements.

Numerous Referrals were made to the Team for people with very complex needs, and as a huge part of his time was taken up in searching the Country for client placements, he decided in April, 1999 to launch this Agency.

We are now in our 25th year, and with placements secured for thousands of clients, it is testimony in itself for the need of an Adult Placement Agency such as ours.

Prior to moving to Adult Services, Stuart’s background was, for over 30 years, in the Residential Child Care field, with Special Needs of Children and Young People, with 20 of those years being in Senior Management roles.

I have been with the business since its inception, helping my father to grow the business. Since October, 2011 I took overall control of the business.

I hope that you will find our Website useful.

With best wishes,

Gillian Sorrie
Director of Services